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July 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 5)

Our top wellbeing and mindfulness-promoting products
About the author: 
Joanna Evans

Our top wellbeing and mindfulness-promoting products image

Keep calm and boost your wellbeing with these mindfulness-promoting products.

Practicing mindfulness, an awareness of the present moment, yourself and your surroundings, has proven health benefits, from easing pain to alleviating addiction.1 There are many ways to do it—whether you want to sit cross-legged in a quiet place and meditate or simply pay attention to the sensory experience of your morning shower—but the key to reaping the rewards is to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.

Here are five products to help you do just that.

Picture this
Buddha Board
Original Buddha Board, $34.95
A fun and creative way to learn to live in the moment, Buddha Board is like an Etch A Sketch with a Zen twist. Using the included tray and brush, you simply paint on the surface of the board with water, then watch your design slowly fade away as the water evaporates, leaving you with a blank canvas to start over. Great for relaxing and clearing your mind, the board allows you to create whatever images you like without worrying about the outcome.

On the pulse
Little Box of Mindfulness, $16.19 (3 × 0.34 fl oz/10 mL)
Part of Tisserand's award-winning Wellbeing collection, this set of 100 percent natural essential oils is designed to focus and calm the mind. 'Mind Clear' contains peppermint, chamomile and lemon; 'Breathe Deep' features orange, petitgrain and coriander; and 'Real Calm' combines lavender, bergamot and patchouli. Each blend comes in a mini roller ball bottle that you can keep with you and apply to pulse points whenever you need to take a time out and connect to the present moment.

Take a seat
Seat of Your Soul
Zafu Meditation Cushion, $34.08
Great for experienced and beginner meditators alike, this ethically made meditation cushion has been designed to allow for a comfortable sitting position for long periods of time. Made from a removable 100 percent organic cotton cover and a hypoallergenic buckwheat hull filling that molds to your body, the cushion is available in three colors and comes with a carrying handle for portability. Combine it with the Zabuton Meditation Mat for optimum comfort and support.

Well read
Mindfulness Made Easy
Ed Halliwell (Hay House, 2019), $10.49; tel: 800-654-5126
If you're new to mindfulness, this introductory book will help you to understand the technique, including the science behind it, and cultivate a daily practice. Written by Ed Halliwell, who teaches mindfulness at prestigious organizations around the globe, the week-by-week guide is packed with practical exercises to allow you to easily incorporate mindfulness into your life.

Roll with it
T Spheres
Perk Up Massage Balls, $35; tel: 212-533-8300
Self-massage is an excellent way to practice mindfulness, bringing awareness to bodily sensations, and these portable massage balls are the perfect tool to help. Made from rubber infused with 100 percent pure essential oils of peppermint and pink grapefruit, the golf ball-sized balls are designed to be gently rolled over tense or sore areas while you breathe in the mind-focusing aroma.


1 Annu Rev Psychol, 2017; 68: 491-516

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