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November 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 9)


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Coconut Snowballs image

LIFESTYLE Coconut Snowballs

June 26th 2017

Swap pre-packaged sweet treats for homemade festive delights

Mini Figgy Puddings image

LIFESTYLE Mini Figgy Puddings

June 26th 2017

These figgy puddings are perfect for parties and virtually guilt-free.

Pumpkin and pine nut noodles image

LIFESTYLE Pumpkin and pine nut noodles

June 26th 2017

Pumpkin contains an abundance of free-radical-fighting antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E, so it's a fantastic anti-ageing food.

Fennel and Pistachio Appetizer image

LIFESTYLE Fennel and Pistachio Appetizer

June 26th 2017

A simple summer recipe, my tasty fennel and pistachio snacks—ideal when served on slices of cucumber or crackers.

Kelp and Cucumber Smoothie image

LIFESTYLE Kelp and Cucumber Smoothie

June 26th 2017

Kelp, the latest nutritional powerhouse, is packed with calcium and iodine.

Raw Carrot & Turmeric Soup image

LIFESTYLE Raw Carrot & Turmeric Soup

June 26th 2017

You don't have to spend hours simmering ingredients on the hob to make a delicious soup. This tasty recipe involves no cooking, just chopping and blending, and is overflowing with natural goodness.

Celeriac & poppy seed noodles image

LIFESTYLE Celeriac & poppy seed noodles

June 26th 2017

Brightly coloured fruit and veg don't just look pretty on a plate; they're also teeming with nutrients along with a whole host of health benefits

Dill Guacamole image

LIFESTYLE Dill Guacamole

June 23rd 2017

A delicious spin on the classic guacamole.

Beef or lamb broth image

LIFESTYLE Beef or lamb broth

June 23rd 2017

This recipe by naturopath Kim Schuette, CN, makes a lovely broth with some added flavour and nutrients from the herbs, spices and vegetables.

Pomelo & Fennel Salad image

LIFESTYLE Pomelo & Fennel Salad

June 23rd 2017

Pomelos are a rich source of fibre and vitamin C, and make a great addition to a salad. Mixing it with fennel provides a sweet and crunchy combination that's bursting with flavour.

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