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April 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 2)

Fibrocystic breasts

About the author: 

Fibrocystic breasts image

A 50-year-old woman has had fibrocystic breasts for many years

A 50-year-old woman has had fibrocystic breasts for many years. After a mammogram eight years ago, she developed an enlarged cyst. She has now started to feel different sensations in her breasts and wants some reassurance. Her medical advisors recommend a mammogram; however, she is reluctant as her breast tissue is so dense because of her condition. She feels that the weight of the machine on her last time caused damage to the cells and tissues in her breasts. Any suggestions? Ask for a scan instead. Another recommendation is to take the Anti-Malignant Antibody Serum (AMAS) test to detect cancer anywhere in the body. Fibrocystic breast disease should be treated with the following strategy: avoid alcohol, dairy, caffeine and chocolate. Supplement your diet with gamma-linolenic acids (GLAs) - found in borage oil, evening primrose oil, blackcurrant oil and spirulina - Coenzyme Q-10, and tocotrienols (vitamin E-based antioxidants found in rice bran, palm fruit, barley, and wheat germ). A macrobiotic diet will help. Have your hormones checked, and practice manual lymph drainage massage techniques twice a day. Alternatively, try the Bowen technique or reflexology. Poultices of mullein on the breasts will soften and soothe them, and take agnus castus tincture in water daily. Saw palmetto was also suggested. One woman with a similar problem says stress and bras (especially the underwire variety) exacerbate her condition. She topped using antiperspirants and depilates instead of shaving, which helps, but she recommends magnets above all else (fix one over big or painful lumps and leave it on for 24 hours/day, removing it only to bathe). Another woman reports success with castor-oil packs on the breast area with rosemary essential oil (5 drops). For specific instructions, search the Internet for Edgar Cayce and castor oil.

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Foot fungus:

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