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April 25th 2018, 3:09PM

...e B4, an inflamation related substance that results in acne. (26)According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, fish-oil can help avoid or slow down cardiac arrest, which is especially excel...

April 19th 2018, 6:28AM

PerleluxAvocado oil is also used to relieve the dryness and itching of psoriasis and eczema. Beeswax is a thickening agent, emulsifier, and humectant. It has wonderfully e...

April 12th 2018, 8:55AM

...estinal complaints, damage (such as burns up or cuts), epidermis problems (like eczema and psoriasis), bladder infections (UTI), asthma and various other circumstances.http://www.puresuppleme...

Dry skin in the ear spread to my head

November 9th 2014, 5:30PM

It may be psoriasis. Get it checked by your GP.


September 15th 2014, 10:01AM

Allopathy says psoriasis is incurable. They give steroids to suppress it. and as a side effect of steroids many mor...

Ayurveda as a reliable treating system

June 27th 2014, 9:40AM

With the incidence of disease cases increasing it has become a case of priority that psoriasis cure in Ayurveda must be made known to the world and it is the right of people around the ...

Excellent Results on Psoriasis patient from USA

March 28th 2014, 6:28AM

This 39 years old lady contacted us from New York, USA for her psoriasis problem. Read the case in her own words. And see the result in just 20 days.http://drsangi...

The Embrel effect

September 13th 2013, 8:00AM

...brel drug trial patient. This is a crime to allow such medicines to be used on patients.

If bacteria really *are* the cause of IBS, then what is the cure? (Antibiotics/penicillin?)

August 5th 2011, 7:26AM

...ese types of cases. Recently one of my patients from Cheshire contacted me for her IBS and Psoriasis. And she got wonderful results in just one month.Read her complete case history in her own...

Psoriatic Arthritis cured

June 12th 2011, 6:15PM

...he was also having hypertension, insomnia and type 2 diabetes. She had a family history of psoriasis.She told me that she had tried every means.... be it allopathy, homeopathy or Ayurveda. sh...

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