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July 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 5)



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News Articles

Antibiotics: not for joints image

NEWSAntibiotics: not for joints

July 1st 1992

Antibiotics should be used as a just in case measure after dental treatment for those with heart pro...

Formula milk: contains lead image

NEWSFormula milk: contains lead

April 1st 1992

Infants fed formula are at increased risk of lead poisoning

Halcion ban : missing tests image

NEWSHalcion ban : missing tests

December 1st 1991

Amid the sudden British ban on Halcion (triazolam) by the Committee on the Safety of Medicines, Upjo...

Diabetes: fighting fit image

NEWSDiabetes: fighting fit

December 1st 1991 in Diabetes, Drugs

More evidence that exercise may help prevent the onset of non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Diabetes : a damages claim image

NEWSDiabetes : a damages claim

November 1st 1991 in Diabetes

Solicitors for some 400 diabetics who claim to have suffered serious side effects from the use of hu...

Diabetes : a jog can help image

NEWSDiabetes : a jog can help

October 1st 1991 in Diabetes

Exercise can prevent the onset of diabetes, particularly in those most at risk of contracting the disease

Shorter hospital stays beneficial for children with diabetes? image

NEWSShorter hospital stays beneficial for children with diabetes?

June 1st 1991 in Diabetes

And speaking of treating children, if your child develops diabetes, get him out of hospital as soon as you can

Growth hormones image

NEWSGrowth hormones

November 1st 1990 in Diabetes

At least one doctor is less than enthusiastic about the fountain of youth hormone drug test being te...

Any other business: image

NEWSAny other business:

April 1st 1990 in Diabetes

Kind words from one reader who really appreciates the E-news broadcast

Statins: now you can buy them over the counter image

NEWSStatins: now you can buy them over the counter

April 1st 1990 in Drugs

Our story last time about the dangers of statins has clearly struck a chord with drug regulators in ...


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