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April 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 2)



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News Articles


Rsi: what can really help? image

FEATURERsi: what can really help?

August 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 5)

I am very concerned that I could be developing RSI

Meniere's syndrome image

FEATUREMeniere's syndrome

July 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 4) in Drugs

This puzzling syndrome of the inner ear causes recurrent attacks of vertigo, nausea, vomiting, invol...

10 situations where you don't usually need a medical doctor image

FEATURE10 situations where you don't usually need a medical doctor

August 1998 (Vol. 9 Issue 5) in Diseases, Drugs

Research demonstrates that for most cases of lower back pain, chiropractic or osteopathy works far better than anything medicine has to offer (WDDTY vol 4 no 8)

Bursitis and dental implants image

FEATUREBursitis and dental implants

July 1998 (Vol. 9 Issue 4)

Are there effective remedies for bursitis/tendonitis? I began losing use of my shoulder joints over ...

Carpal tunnel syndrome image

FEATURECarpal tunnel syndrome

February 1998 (Vol. 8 Issue 11) in Diabetes

Q:Three months before I was due to give birth, I experienced particularly bad carpal tunnel syndrome...

Alternatives for ear infections image

FEATUREAlternatives for ear infections

November 1997 (Vol. 8 Issue 8) in Environment

Hearing loss can often be prevented and alleviated through simple dietary and environmental changes

Address for nature's sunshine image

FEATUREAddress for nature's sunshine

October 1997 (Vol. 8 Issue 7)

Re: BL's request (WDDTY, vol 8 no 4) for details of the supplier of the fibroids treatment Nature's Sun shine

Problems during pregnancy image

FEATUREProblems during pregnancy

July 1997 (Vol. 8 Issue 4)

There are a number of common conditions that often accompany pregnancy, many of which can be eased u...

Down's syndrome: the nutritional approach image

FEATUREDown's syndrome: the nutritional approach

April 1997 (Vol. 8 Issue 1) in Drugs, Respiratory

Dr Warner uses a vitamin formula, which has been formulated based upon the findings of Dr Turkel and...

Undescended testicles: is surgery necessary? image

FEATUREUndescended testicles: is surgery necessary?

April 1997 (Vol. 8 Issue 1)

Q:My 9 year old son has an undescended testicle

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